About Us

Folly & Wild was born on wave of light day (15th October) 2021.

After spending 11yrs running a sucessful beauty and holistic therapy business I wanted to spend time working from home with my family around me (which comprises of 4 kids, 2 dogs and a very understanding partner), having been allowed a career break in lockdown.

After product testing my goods with my poor unsuspecting family and friends, I realised that very few candle makers could offer what I had wanted to offer.

Eco friendly
Soy Free
Ethical candles and wax melts, with Eco packaging and minimal plastic.

Having spend many hours/days/weeks and months finding the perfect suppliers to fit my cruelty free eco brand, a chance call from our local Heart FM launched the business, it was 'Wave of Light Day' so seemed right to go ahead.

Fast forward to today and we are thriving, with a range of bespoke home fragrance products, online and in retail outlets, working alongside other fab organisations to create their own 'white label products' and collaborating with other businesses to create perfect gifting for all our customers.

We encourage all our customers to refill their wares, so a refill service is available locally for all containers and nationally for our own containers, its a great way to save money and the planet!

So when you buy from Folly & Wild, not only do you buy the most beautiful handcrafted sustainable products, you buy into supporting a dream, and can relax knowing your product is cruelty free, earth and animal friendly.

Whats not to love?

Natascha De-Bank

I am so addicted to the candles with refills!!!!! I have them burning all year round, they are the best smelling candle I've ever bought.

Mrs D

Absolutely incredible candles and wax melts! Highly recommended

Miss M

I absolutely love the amount of thought that goes into your products from start to finish! They really do look amazing, such a good eye for detail and such lovely gifts to give.

Gemma W, Oxfordshire